Opening Right Stories

Andrew Binger

Director and actor from North Jersey

While theatres were closed, our theatre company had time to really stop and reflect. What drives us to do the things we do? Where are we adding value? It was an opportunity for us to really pause and think about how to make our work more intentional and meaningful. Yendor’s work has always been about uplifting historically resilient voices. As we re-open, we’re doubling down on telling stories that we have yet to explore and making sure that we create work that really connects to a variety of populations here in the city of Newark and beyond.

Before COVID, it felt like we were starting a real movement of theater arts here in the city of Newark. I’m really looking forward to getting back that momentum.

And as a consumer, I’m just looking forward to seeing great stories being told on stage in New Jersey! I think the first time that I’m back at a live show, whether I’m sitting in the audience, or in a different capacity, I honestly think I’m going to feel a little anxious! It’s going to feel a little unreal. But, you know, in addition to those feelings, it is going to be a beautiful moment. It’s going to feel magical. It’s going to be a feeling of relief that we’re finally able to share this experience with one another again and feel comfortable and safe.

Theatre is an artform that just has so much soul. When you go to see a show live in a theater you feel this empathetic connection with the artists that you’re seeing. When you see someone lay it all on the line on stage and allow themselves to be so vulnerable, it’s just captivating. That experience of empathy is the real essence of being human. There’s nothing like it. Nothing really hits the soul in the same way.