Opening Right Stories

Patricia Barksdale

An avid theatre-goer and busy financial professional from North Jersey.

When theatre reopens in NJ for in-person performances, I’m looking forward to applauding the performers to show how much they’ve been missed and to celebrating with others that I’m sure will feel the same way. I’m certain it will be emotional. It will be sheer jubilation! I’ve very much missed the night out with friends for dinner prior to the show or cocktails afterward. Simply the camaraderie of being with my theatre friends and our discussions about the performances.

I didn’t really start to attend theatre until I was an adult, and because of that I have a real fondness for story-telling and how it’s conveyed. I am in awe of actors and actresses as they perform their roles. Such talent. New Jersey Theatre is special in that we have some of the most amazing venues that offer quality performances in intimate settings. (And the fact that we can literally drive and park near to our theatres without dealing with bridges, tunnels, and tolls is certainly a plus!)

I’ll be attending my first in-person performance in October with my cousin. We’ve decided to get all dressed up, have dinner prior and attend the show. It’s going to be a little different than before, but I just want to show my appreciation for the work that everyone puts in to bring theatre to us, whether it’s the person taking my ticket, ushering us to our seats, or on stage performing. I want to look in their eyes and say thank you. You’ve been missed.