Opening Right Stories

Rupa Patel

Theatre lover and Director of Client Management from Central New Jersey

When I’m in a live audience, I feel like I am part of the production, as if I’m eavesdropping on someone’s masterpiece. I love that at some point all of my senses are enticed from the theatre experience, from the moment I walk into a theatre through the moment I leave. I always feel like I’m a part of greatness and a creative experience that makes my heart and mind open up in ways that are difficult to describe in words. I come out being touched in some sort of way, whether expressed by belly laughs, sad or happy tears, or quiet introspection.

I’ve missed everything from walking in with my ticket, being seated, hearing the hustle and bustle go to a hush, the lights going down, and watching talented individuals give incredible performances before my eyes while knowing so many behind the scenes are doing great work. I’ve missed being together with the community while watching meaningful theatre.

There are so many smart, creative, and tremendously talented people who make up the New Jersey Theatre community. The genuine nature and love of the theatre community consistently shines through in the quality of the productions.

I’m looking forward to being seated at the theatre with others surrounding me as we watch amazing performances in-person and all that is part of the theatre experience. Being back to in-person theatre will feel absolutely thrilling because I’ll be back in a space that provides so much love, excitement, and comfort to me and my entire community.